Episode 112: Blue Jumbo Hobos || Brittany, Jennifer, Katie

What if we publicly shamed inconsiderate parkers? What if your face could convince coworkers that you’re actually healthy? What if we fried fresh fruit for breakfast? What if you took a supplement that brings out your dinosaur tendencies? What if rich people shoveled cow shit as a meditation? In this episode of Steal Scott’s Ideas,...

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Episode 113: Season 1 Greatest Hits

In this episode of Steal Scott’s Ideas, Scott shares his favorite moments from season one. Miss any of the episodes? No problem. Here’s a list of the innovations we discussed… SOFTWARE Shit happens, but you want my coworkers to know that you’re late for good reason and actually believe your story. Introducing Be Right There… An...

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Episode 201: Life Without Good || Jacob, Eli, Dirk

What if communal ownership could help people grow? What if you give children speed in utero? What if accountants had their own dating app? What if children could be professional abducted to learn their lesson? In this episode of Steal Scott’s Ideas, Jacob, Eli and Dirk gather in Brooklyn for some execution in public. **Sponsored by...

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Episode 202: Chads Begging For Change || Christian, Rosie, Rick

What if coworkers never tried to sell you crap at the office anymore? What if cat nostrils were the secret path to public sanitation? What if bros were placed in businesses that truly need them? What sorts of coughs occur below the waist? What if you sterilized all the stupid people who lived in Montana?...

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Episode 203: The Big Daddy Society || Mark, Jane, Brittany

What if shoes became chewing gum disposals? What if mirrors took a picture of you to eliminate turkey neck? What if women bought tickets to watch hunks work out? What if sex rugs were self cleaning? What if we opened a gym that charged you every time you didn’t show up? In this episode of...

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Episode 204: Liposuction For A Cause || Carrie, Donna, Bruce

What if cars had lockboxes to store cell phones while driving? What if we used dogs instead of towels after showering? What if religions subsidized hover boards for unpopular teenagers? What if we repurposed unsightly cellulite as soap for third world countries? In this episode of Steal Scott’s Ideas, Carrie, Donna and Bruce gather in St....

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