Episode 105: The Zoological Impulsive Mob || Jeff, Sean, Lisa

What if we used dog barks to shame neighbors? What if car security boots were advertising opportunities? What if the church leveraged biotech to make wine? What if actors had holograms to practice auditions? What if wearable tech eliminated guesswork from dating?

In this episode of Steal Scott’s Ideas, Jeff, Sean and Lisa gather in St. Louis for some execution in public.

**Sponsored by The Failing Asphalt Music Festival

Execution Lesson 105: Bringing our train of creative thought to a conclusion.  

We’re told that if we fail to plan, we are planning to fail.

But in many cases, planning is procrastination in disguise. If fact, one of the excuses we make to justify it is:

Well, it’s not really costing me any money to plan, so what’s the harm?

Fair enough. Planning out our next project is a task that’s free, easy, fast and most importantly, exhilarating. And doing so can be of great benefit in the early stages of the work.

But too much free planning can also enable our hesitation. Because there’s no skin in the game. And if we have any intention of moving to the execution phase and actually shipping our work, we need to be on the hook for something.

And spending money is not the only way to break out of the creative holding pattern, but it’s awfully effective.

In my experience launching dozens of creative projects over two decades of entrepreneurship, with every dollar spent, the fire under your ass grows bigger.

Or maybe that’s too much spicy food.

Point being, too much planning in advance can push against the grain of creation. Don’t let it become your excuse not to execute.

What are you willing to stake this effort on?

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