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Shave your feet and primp yourself into proper mating condition

The traditional view of the employer/employee relationship has historically been a binary. As soon as you start use those kinds of terms, the power dynamic establishes, where one person...

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Let love find you when you least expect it to

My friend has been single for way longer than he’d like. And between you and me and the internet, the guy is a catch. Funny, smart, energetic, nice looking,...

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Let’s all go to the lobbyist, and have ourselves a smack

There’s a cool study on road rage and the feelings of revenge inherent in deviant drivers. Their research finds that many people consider it a disgrace to not seek...

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Episode 204: Liposuction For A Cause || Carrie, Donna, Bruce

What if cars had lockboxes to store cell phones while driving? What if we used dogs instead of towels after showering? What if religions subsidized hover boards for unpopular...

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Episode 203: The Big Daddy Society || Mark, Jane, Brittany

What if shoes became chewing gum disposals? What if mirrors took a picture of you to eliminate turkey neck? What if women bought tickets to watch hunks work out?...

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Episode 202: Chads Begging For Change || Christian, Rosie, Rick

What if coworkers never tried to sell you crap at the office anymore? What if cat nostrils were the secret path to public sanitation? What if bros were placed...

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Behind The Mic

Scott Ginsberg

Show Host

Author. Speaker. Strategist. Filmmaker. Publisher. Inventor. Songwriter. World Record Holder. I also wear a nametag 24-7. Even to bed.

Who is The Nametag Guy?

Scott is a prolific entrepreneur, content creator, creative director and company storyteller with 18 years of experience building profitable brands. His unparalleled body of work includes 35 books, 8 musical albums, 3,000 articles on three award winning blogs, 600 speeches (including a TED talk), 88 training videos, 5 software applications, 3 music films … and 1 globally recognized brand.

He’s also executed freelance, in house and & marketing agency work for hundreds of organizations like Nestle, Monsanto, NYC Department of Health, Chase Bank, General Electric, Staples, Disney, Hyatt & Verizon, as well as dozens of associations, startups and small businesses. He was also inducted into Ripley’s Believe It Or Not with the rest of the freaks.

He launched Steal Scott’s Ideas in 2015. The project grew from a writing exercise to blog post series to corporate workshops to a business book and now a popular gameshow. Want to help it evolve into its next form? Stick around.  

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