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Scott is a prolific entrepreneur, content creator, creative director and company storyteller with 18 years of experience building profitable brands. His unparalleled body of work includes 35 books, 8 musical albums, 3,000 articles on three award winning blogs, 600 speeches (including a TED talk), 88 training videos, 5 software applications, 3 music films … and 1 globally recognized brand.

He’s also executed freelance, in house and & marketing agency work for hundreds of organizations like Nestle, Monsanto, NYC Department of Health, Chase Bank, General Electric, Staples, Disney, Hyatt & Verizon, as well as dozens of associations, startups and small businesses. He was also inducted into Ripley’s Believe It Or Not with the rest of the freaks.

See why his work sticks at www.nametagscott.com.

About The Project

Years ago, I started keeping an innovation log. A ongoing database of ideas for products, services, inventions, businesses, organizations and other types of media. Fleshing out new ideas that could potentially improve humanity and save money and deliver joy to people who need it most.

One insight I’ve uncovered in this process is, behind every moment of unhappiness, anxiety, loneliness, frustration, anger, inconvenience and confusion, is a new innovation waiting to be born. And so, that’s what I look for. It’s my favorite part of the process. Scouring message boards and product reviews and customer complaints to find those moments. Those insider signals. Those tiny details that trigger a whole world, act as shorthand for a shared culture and capture where certain people have landed.

Over time, this innovation log turned into a series of blog posts, which evolved into a series of corporate workshops, which inspired me to develop parody commercial spots for each product, which gave me the idea for a gameshow.

Check out my portfolio of innovations here.


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