Episode 106: Pasta La Vista, Baby || Tom, Adam, Brian

What if hikers wore anti spider web hats? What if we used blockchain to make tables less wobbly? What if sex dolls kept guests company at parties? What if drones collected data from pet poop? What if stores used logo branded mice to eliminate insects? In this episode of Steal Scott’s Ideas, Tom, Adam & Brian...

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Episode 107: Two Words — Incentivized Murder || Alex, Eli, Alexandra

What if menacing gray curb snow became popsicles? What if augmented reality eliminated littering? What if we sold psychographically analyzed microwave scraps? What if we shorted the secondary market for karma? What if doctors could take toot samples? In this episode of Steal Scott’s Ideas, Alex, Eli & Alexandra gather at Metric Collective for some...

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Episode 108: The Great Barrier Gonorrhea || Brittany, Conrad, Kate

What if strangers never stared at you again? What if glittery greeting cards cleaned your house? What if we turned ocean pollution into fertilizer? What if you had a molasses covered groin? What if seals copulated without destroying beaches? In this episode of Steal Scott’s Ideas, Brittany, Conrad & Kate gather in Brooklyn for some execution...

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Episode 109: Seaweed International Ophthalmology || Kyle, Brittany, Scott

What if every hotel room came with their own animal? What if a scanner shamed people who didn’t wash their hands? What if we installed finger print activated porch safety boxes to ensure package delivery? What if we averaged the age of toddlers and geezers? What if bathroom scales gave body positive compliments instead of...

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Episode 110: Gamified Laser Butt Wiping || Ben, Danielle, Brittany

What if we deployed nano technology solutions for kitchen crunchies? What if sports arenas hired crowd profanity police? What if complaining made your pants fit better? What if people who wore eye patches had their own baths? What if we operationalized primal grooming? In this episode of Steal Scott’s Ideas, Ben, Danielle & Brittany gather in...

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Episode 111: Vomit Or Nap? || Matt, Sol, Eli

What if we could broadcast our pretentious reading choices publicly? What if restaurant guests could choose between vomiting or napping? What if we sustainably repurposed soiled gym mats as placebo dumb bells? What if eyeball bleeding was not only encouraged, but incentivized? What if we tapped into the nostalgia food market by selling stale snacks?...

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